About Marc Hoffmann

With over 23-years of hands on experience working in the real estate investment industry as a principal along with advising, coaching and mentoring Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Marc has gained respect from not only his clients but also industry thought leaders in the Real Estate Investment space. A gifted communicator, trainer and coach, Marc has participated in over 300 real estate transactions, coached over 1400 real estate investors and spoken to investor groups as large as 5000 as he shares his unique ability of teaching complex topics in a simple, clear, and easy to follow fashion.

Marc splits his time between Colorado and Minnesota and loves connecting with new people.  As a coach, Marc finds ways to help his clients have breakthrough success by focusing on the inner game.   Oftentimes clients know what they're struggling with, either procrastination, time-management, fear, or a combination of inner game barriers that impede or limit performance.  The diagram below is a model we use often to illustrate how limitations in your mind can impact your performance.   



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